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Press Release Geared To Gain Attention

Press Release Geared To Gain Attention


Make PR work for you!

Our team is comprised of seasoned veterans who have worked as radio and TV reporters for more than a decade, who learned early on what it took to get a story past the news meeting gatekeepers and on the air - not buried in a back page press release graveyard, desperately hoping for SEO.

If you want to ensure that your story has the best chance to cut through the clutter and find its way to the viewers you care about, you need someone with media experience who does the work (read: pick up the phone and call a reporter!).

What you get:

  • a 500 word pro press release

  • distribution to 5 top target markets you want to reach, with next day phone follow-ups

  • distribution on a wire service to 1,000’s + media outlets

  • 2 keywords

  • 2 revisions

  • 7 day delivery

    Take advantage of this experience and drive (media contacts!) and get the press you want today!

What information do you need to get started?

Once you select your offer, I'll have you fill out some basic requirements (release date, spokesperson contact info, dateline, general background information on the event or company, etc).

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