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Custom eCommerce Website Design & Development

Custom eCommerce Website Design & Development


Phase One - Design & Identity

 Feature Identification- Bulleted list of the app’s core features and benefits.

  • Identify the app’s distinguishing features, user stories and cases.

  • Confirm content relevancy. 

  • Explain conceptualized usability.  

 Logic Flow- Outlines the user’s experience. 

  • A minimal explanation of how the app will operate.

  • Flow chart format. A diagram of the sequence of the actions in the system. 

  • Provides a solution for the intended use case.

  • Graphical representation sequencing the functions of the app.  

 Branding- Defining what your targeted user can expect from your company. 

  • Logo creation. The foundation of your brand.

  • Creating the core of what your company represents.

  • Strategizing the best use of your brand. 

  • Identifying the ideal process of communication for brand recognition. 

 Wire Frames- A visual interpretation of the website.  

  • Skeletal explanation of where and how the app will transition from one screen to another.

  • A general layout intended to address visual weighting.

  • Shows where buttons will be placed on the screen and how the screens link to one another.

  • A rough draft that allows for comments, feedback, suggestions and changes before a full mock-up is created.

 User Interface- A full mock-up of the user’s screen experience.

  • Identifies the look of the app and is consistent with branding.

  • Develop the buttons and subsequent screens the buttons lead to.

Phase Two- Technology Development

 Development- Make the app a reality! 

  • Programming the pages to work as they are intended.

  • Managing the development process.

  • Admin access for content management.

  • Admin dashboard. Track the user generation, activity, purchase, etc. 

  • Initial Alpha testing.  

 Back End Development- Behind the scenes app set-up. 

  • Identify and set-up the appropriate server. (Transferred after development.)

  • Create the necessary database for response to code.

 Testing- Ensure the app is functioning as intended. 

  • Test on different devices and operating systems.

  • Check for bugs and correct them. 

 Maintenance, Server & Database Costs

  • 6 months support at no charge after website goes live.

  • $40/hour for on-going maintenance (when needed)

  • Server & Database Costs - $100/year + purchase of domain name.

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