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The Benefits of Having a Mobile App for an E-Commerce Store

E-commerce giants like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon, Paytm, Myntra etc have made customized mobile applications for their customers so that they can browse through their exclusive products, view and add to cart, pay securely and get push notifications on new product arrivals and discounts. The advent of these applications has helped business owners build a loyal customer database and offer the best products and services by analyzing their Application performance, thereby fulfilling their mission of sales and marketing. In this article, I would like to talk about the benefits of developing a mobile application for eCommerce.

Usability & Speed

Unlike a web page, mobile applications can be downloaded in a jiffy, depending upon broadband or mobile data speed. There is a 100% chance you will improve user interaction using features within the app that are unavailable on the web.

For instance, products can be zoomed in and viewed at a time when a user is traveling or attending a meeting and can quickly show the product to his/her client. For eCommerce stores, showing products in grid view is an added plus. After download, a lot of the functionality works relatively quicker in the app than on a website.

Built-in Features

Mobile Applications can sync with your smart phone's inbuilt features like Camera, location/ GPS, Microphone etc. You can now let your customers turn to sellers by letting them use their phone's camera, take pictures of new products and upload them on your app after your approval. Location / GPS services work best in calculating your user's current location and letting you offer relevant products and services near their location.

Push Notifications

These notifications remind your customers of an ongoing sale or festive bonanza, special discount etc. But be careful not to overuse them as they provoke anger due to repetition. Alternatively, you can set an option for them in the app for them to receive notifications as per the duration they set up - alert management.

Brand Management 

Through a mobile application, business owners can attract repeat customers far more frequently, unlike websites. This is because the loading time is quicker and product view and engagement is more adequate to influence a buyer decision.

How Can a Mobile App Benefit Your E-commerce Store?

Faster than a Website

Mobile apps are installed in the respective mobile phones which allows you to browse through the application whenever you want with fasted speeds. No more need to input the URL and then search for the site over the internet, you can easily access it all at your fingertips without any hassle.. 

Ability to Always Notify

Push notifications give you an advantage that is unavailable via website. The best way to create a community of buyers is by communicating with them and pitching more than a product, a lifestyle. That is why we shop, after all. Communication is key and the mobile app for your business makes this possible.

Easy Accessibility 

Mobile apps have been loved all throughout mostly because of how easy it is to access. With just one click you can easily see and go through all the contents of the e-commerce site without wasting any time. It indeed is more user-friendly. With the 'On the Go' feature, the apps are easily accessible by users to browse through the different products and buy them at any time they want.

Customization and Personalization 

With the mobile app being in vogue the benefits of mobile apps also have been on a hike upwards. One of the major positive points is that you can easily customize your mobile app in accordance with your needs. With newer versions and new customization, your customers are less likely to get bored and their engagement with the app increases. With personalization, using the cache memory of the users, it generates an increase in sales by utilizing an E-commerce platform rather than a website and also triggers the users abandoned carts, which have been proven to increase sales by 20%.

Pocket Friendliness

It takes s a lot of time and money when it comes to maintaining an e-commerce website. With the introduction of the mobile app, the unexpectedly huge cost of maintaining a proper website has curbed down to a huge extent, which has led to more business owners relying on mobile app administration rather than the website. Quick and efficient changes easily accessible to a busy entrepreneur not only saves them money, but most importantly time, to focus on other areas of interest.

Jay Huffman